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Academic English Program (AEP)

Course Description

This program is an intensive study of English skills and vocabulary to effectively increase the students’ English proficiency level to an advanced level to enhance their academic success in high school, college, or graduate school. This program accepts beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Each of the 5 ESL levels has 2 full 16-week courses. A student may advance to the next level in 16 weeks, or s/he may need more time; therefore, we designed a mid-level course that reviews the previous skills while introducing new vocabulary and grammatical points to prepare for the next level. Each course will focus on the 4 language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as grammar and vocabulary development.


ESL Levels 1-5 Beginner to Advanced

Course Schedule

* For best results, it is recommended that the AEP course be taken for 16 weeks, 18 hours per week, which equals 288 hours of effective instruction with a highly-trained ESL teacher. For Individualized Instruction, the AEP course can be tailored to the schedule, timing and needs of each student or family.
* Placement tests are given to measure the student’s proficiency level.

* Post-tests are given every 8 weeks to show if student can go up a level, or need an interim level.
* Student achievement measures are taken weekly in the form of quizzes, oral presentations, writing assignments, and listening comprehension quizzes.
* Minimum of 4 students for a group class


If you are only available to study 2 or 3 days a week with 10 hours a week, for example, another option would be Individualized Instruction.