The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Immerse offers both full-time (18 hours per week) and part-time (14 hours per week) intensive English courses that allow you to study in one of our 8 week sessions.  Our classes will prepare students for success in academic settings at college, university or professional/trade school.


Core Features

Designed for you - The Academic English language courses offered at Immerse International have been designed to meet your individual needs as you prepare for college, university, trade or professional school. 

How you learn – Our teachers know that you learn more effectively if your lessons are engaging, fun and relevant.  That’s why they use a range of techniques and develop classes that are motivating and designed to build your confidence. 

Testing on arrival - On your first day you will take a language assessment test to determine how well you understand and speak English.  We will then place you in the level most suited to your skill and proficiency level.

Our Advising - We work closely with our students to meet their academic goals. Our advising team gives students assistance in applying to the college, university, or professional of their choice. Students will receive assistance with finding schools and choosing programs, completing application documents, writing personal statements, and contacting schools for more information.

Our value – The Immerse team will welcome you on our campus and do our best to ensure you are learning and growing in your academic pursuits.  We want you to reach your goals and leave us ready for the next stage of your life.

Size – Our small size means you will meet and make friends for life, interact with the Immerse team, and receive personalized assistance from our teaching staff.  Students often comment that the best part of living and studying at Immerse is our community environment and how well they are cared for while at Immerse.

How Do I Apply for Admission?

Submit Immerse Application available online CLICK HERE.

What Happens After I Submit My Application?

If accepted, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance noting steps remaining and you will receive an Invoice for all services.  

Tourist Visa Policy

The B1/B2 Tourist visa allows for a short course of study that combines sightseeing trips with limited English courses; fewer than 18 hours of classes per week and not for credit toward a degree.

Immerse International does not issue I-20’s to apply for an F1 Student visa at this time. When you apply for a tourist visa you should indicate to the Embassy or Consulate that you are coming for a cultural learning experience that includes some English study but you are not requesting an I-20. Immerse will send a letter of acceptance that indicates the program of cultural exchange and language study you enrolled in, class schedule, and tuition payment information. This letter can help you explain to the Embassy or Consulate what you will be experiencing in the U.S while at Immerse International.

This content does not constitute legal advice. For more information on “B Visas” contact your local U.S. embassy or consulate. You can also click on this U.S. State Department link:

Prior to arrival for housing and/or English classes, you will be sent a Welcome Letter.

Calendar and Costs

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 12.32.46 PM.png

Note: When applying, students must choose between our Part-time English Course (14 hours per week) or Full-time English Course (18 hours per week). The above schedule is for the Full-time program. Full-time program requires studying in the 12:45pm - 2:00pm schedule in addition to the morning hours.

Note: You can attend all or part of our 8 week program. If you cannot stay for an entire course, we highly recommend you arrive at the beginning of the course.

Visit our “Apply Now” page to register for this course.

Refund Policy

The first week of the 8-week session is considered “Drop/Add” week. During that week, students are able to withdraw from the program and obtain a full refund of the tuition paid for that session of study.

English Level Descriptors and Placement Procedure

*Level 1 – Beginner (Level 1 Not offered at Immerse International)

A student at this level: Comprehends and speaks minimally in English. Communicates in a very limited way to express immediate needs orally or written; asks and responds to basic learned phrases with gestures; is literate in one’s first language. Needs to increase listening comprehension, speaking in 1-2 phrases, reading and writing of words and short phrases.

*Level 2 – High Beginner (Level 1 Not offered at Immerse International)

A student at this level: Can understand and use common words, simple phrases, and sentences containing familiar vocabulary, spoken slowly with repetition; can use simple learned phrases or short sentences; Can read most sight words and familiar phrases and simple sentences but has a limited understanding; Can write some simple sentences with limited vocabulary, and many spelling and grammatical errors. Needs to increase listening comprehension, speaking fluency, vocabulary use, and grammatical structures of English in social, academic, and work situations. A typical TOEFL iBT score for this student might be 0-22.

Level 3 – Intermediate (Offered at Immerse International)

A student at this level: Can understand and respond to learned phrases and limited new words when spoken at slower than native fluency; Can express basic survival needs or ideas, and can participate in conversations with some grammatical and word choice errors. Can read and interpret simplified material on familiar topics. Can write compound sentences and short paragraphs. Needs to increase sentence structure variety, and gain stronger control of basic grammar in speaking and writing. A typical TOEFL iBT score for this student might be 22-42.

Level 4 – High Intermediate (Offered at Immerse International)

A student at this level: Can express own opinions, ideas, and needs with familiar vocabulary, and good grammar, but some errors exist when initiating or continuing a conversation; Can read and interpret simplified and some authentic material on familiar subjects; Can write simple paragraphs; Can self-edit. Needs improvement in writing longer, more complex English, understanding longer conversations and speaking correctly using new vocabulary. A typical TOEFL iBT score for this student might be 45-76.

 Level 5 – Advanced (Offered at Immerse International)

A student at this level: Can understand and participate effectively in social, academic and work situations; Can effectively communicate in most reading and writing tasks; Needs more practice with idioms, rapid listening comprehension of native-like English, and writing essays and compositions with fewer grammatical errors. A typical TOEFL iBT score for this student might be 77-119.

*Note: The IELP does NOT offer Level 1 and Level 2. The level descriptors as outlined above are for English language proficiency use only and are not presented on this page as an explanation of courses offered.


Once a student has applied for and been accepted into a program, he or she will be placed in an appropriate class by data collected from an interview, writing sample, and a test that includes listening comprehension, reading comprehension and grammar. Results of testing will be given to the student within two days of testing.

1. Academic English Courses enable you to prepare for college and university classroom settings.  You will gain valuable English proficiency teaching to improve your Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Comprehension.  Students in our Part-time classes meet for 14 hours per week while students in our Full-time program meet for 18 hours per week.  All classes are taught by experienced Master’s degree level professors who will give you the attention needed to meet your English language goals.

You will also be given specific lessons on American culture, applying to U.S. colleges and universities, and accent modification.

2. TOEFL Preparation Course 

Immerse International also offers TOEFL preparation courses designed to cover the four major domain areas of the TOEFL exam (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking).  These classes are offered at various times throughout the year and are scheduled separately from the Academic English courses. If you are interested in a TOEFL Preparation course please indicate on your application.

The TOEFL Preparation course covers the strategies and skills needed to attain the highest score possible.  Practice tests are offered twice per week.  In addition to the test-specific skills, you will grow your vocabulary, study skills, and note-taking skills to prepare you for the university classroom.

TOEFL Key Areas of Focus

  • Small class size

  • University vocabulary preparation

  • Professional teachers with Master’s degree and experience

  • Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking domains

You will also learn about American culture and have lessons on accent modification.

Local Universities and Colleges in the Lancaster, PA area

  • Franklin and Marshall College

  • Millersville University

  • Lancaster Bible College

  • Elizabethtown College

  • Harrisburg Area Community College

  • Lancaster County Career and Technology Center

  • Thaddeus Stevens College

  • York Technical Institute


English Language School Admission Policy

Immerse International admits students of any race, color, religion, sex, and national or ethnic origin.

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Immerse International offers all courses described in this website.

a. However, a minimum enrollment of four students is required for a group class to be held.

b. One-on-One or Small Group tutoring (for those at the same level) is available upon request or when a group class is not available.

c. English Proficiency Level: A general description of proficiency levels can be found at this link:

Age Requirements:

a. For English study and/or to live on campus a student must be 18 years old. However, younger persons may be considered for tutoring.

A student who withdraws from the program after the first week of classes is not eligible for a refund.

Contact Immerse if you have any questions related to your admission. CONTACT US

Apply online HERE.

“I like studying English at Immerse because our teachers are very creative, and I am learning and improving my English every day. It’s fantastic!”
Yeisy A. – Cuba