Bridge the Gap: A Pathway to College or Trade School

Many refugee and immigrant students have the academic background and desire for a post-secondary education yet lack the English language skills for acceptance and success at the undergraduate level. “Bridge the Gap” is a ten-month program with intensive English language  designed to facilitate the next generation of leaders from our immigrant and refugee communities.

Immerse International is committed to the student from recruitment through acceptance, allowing high performing / aspiring students who still need the academic skills to succeed in higher education.

Bridge the Gap Details

  • 10 month program for refugees and immigrants who desire college or trade school education.

  • Program begins August 26, 2019 in Millersville, PA.

  • Includes two semesters of academic English for higher education (18 hours per week).

  • Opportunity for time spent in an internship/coop or part-time employment.

  • Teaching modules on leadership, global issues, personality types, group interaction, and review of classical liberal arts writings usually studied in higher education.

  • Low cost to participants due to scholarships from individuals / groups who give toward program.  Housing option available at Immerse on a limited basis.

  • College and trade school advising and application assistance.

  • Bridge the Gap staff are available to speak to your community group, family, or church.

  • Note: F-1 visas are not offered for Bridge the Gap program.

Admission Requirements 

  1. Recent high school graduate between 18 and 22 years old.

  2. A low intermediate level of English (Ex : Level 4, “Expanding Level” in Pennsylvania School System ESL testing).

  3. Two letters of recommendation (teacher | counselor |community group leader).

  4. 150-200 word written essay (Topic: “How Bridge the Gap will help me with my future goals”).

  5. Commitment to follow program schedule and guidelines.

Steps to Acceptance

  1. Apply online at: Now button) starting March 1, 2019.

  2. Inform your high school counselor or EFL teacher of your application.

  3. Secure 2 letters of recommendation.

  4. Take English placement test at Immerse.

  5. Interview with Bridge the Gap team.

  6. If accepted, prepare for an exciting year at Immerse!

Further Information Contact:                                         

Joan McManness, M.Ed.

Director, Bridge the Gap