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Date of birth
Must be 18 or older to live at Immerse
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At the current time Immerse International does not grant I-20’s for full time study. However, you can still live and study at Immerse in our non-intensive English program or if you are studying at another institution in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.
Do you need to be picked up from the Lancaster train station?
If you need transportation from an airport, you can take a train to Lancaster from New York (JFK), Philadelphia, or Baltimore or you may contact Uber for a ride.
When do you anticipate your first day at Immerse to be? *
When do you anticipate your first day at Immerse to be?
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Address of Medical Insurance Company:

Immerse International, formerly known as Millersville International House, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Upon acceptance to Immerse you will receive an invoice for services and instructions on how to pay your deposit to reserve your place here.  We accept Credit / Debit cards or Cash / Checks. You can also make a Payment by clicking the "Pay Now" button below:


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